Invite Mark to speak to your
Member Organization or Professional Group

Mark H. Kaizerman, author

Mark H. Kaizerman, author of the Beneficiary Directory™ and Beneficiary Directory Workbook™, is changing the definition of proper estate planning.
His Beneficiary Directory tools allow you to organize your most important documents and guide your beneficiaries. His simple system allows you to answer four critical planning questions:

  1. What documents do I need?
  2. How will my beneficiaries find these documents?
  3. Who should have access to these documents, and when?
  4. Who will best advise my beneficiaries?

Spreading the word about what he calls “the impending beneficiary crisis,” Kaizerman warns that traditional planning techniques come up painfully short in meeting your loved ones’ needs. Missing, incomplete and outdated documents cost your beneficiaries hours of unnecessary frustration, anxiety, and money.

Kaizerman offers presentations for member organizations (such as service clubs and retiree groups) to discuss the shortcomings in today’s traditional planning techniques, and he shows how to avoid them by implementing your own Beneficiary Directory. Participants will leave with an action plan detailing steps for protecting themselves and their beneficiaries.

For professional groups, such as financial advisors, accountants and attorneys, Kaizerman’s presentations explain how to improve client growth and service by integrating the Beneficiary Directory into their practice. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities of aging baby boomers, as well as the need for intergenerational planning.